There is beauty in everything, if you just look.  Arizona provides that beauty in many different places.  My family and I feel fortunate to be able to travel to Fossil Creek which is one of our favorite places to go in the summer. The crystal clear, cool water in Fossil Creek is always refreshing.  We try to visit at least a few times each summer so we can enjoy the canyon and the beauty of the shining water.  One of our favorite activities while there is to enjoy the scenery and swim.  When fall arrives we find the cold water is just too much for our thin blood.
On this trip to Fossil Creek my family and I brought along some of my close friends from Phoenix who had never been.  I always enjoy taking photos of the landscape in this area.  There are so many amazing places to capture and later relive the experience with friends and family.   I captured this picture as we hiked back to the waterfall. The dragonflies were a vibrant red and orange and were in several places along the creek.  I got lucky enough to capture an amazing shot when one landed on a branch. The dragonflies and surrounding nature were absolutely gorgeous!
I’m a native Arizonian who is proud to call this state home! Taking pictures is just something I love to do.  It is rewarding for me to try to capture the beauty in the things I see.  Although I have lived here all my life, I have not had the opportunity to see all of Arizona yet.  I did make it to the North Rim last fall, the leaves were changing, and it was beautiful, to say the least.  Sedona is another place I like to visit.  The red rocks make for very unique pictures.
Prescott is my home and my favorite place to take pictures as you can see all four seasons here.

Kim Barker is the winner of the Arizona Office of Tourism’s photo contest for the month of August, 2013.