Helicopter- edited- wth frames.jpgTraveling across Arizona with two girls I had met just days before was working out in the best way as we found ourselves peering over the sun-washed cliffs of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim – from the side window of a helicopter. I’ll never forget the first sight of the edge, with its dramatic drop that seemingly revealed the Earth’s history in a matter of moments. As we floated speechlessly over this creation beyond comprehension, we knew we were on the trip of a lifetime.

Astounded by such a vast landscape, my new comrades and I couldn’t help but feel felt strangely about getting in the car and simply driving away. But en route to our next stop, I couldn’t help but smile as I stared from the window and absorbed the scenery along the way.

Laughter followed us down State Route 89A through the narrow river gorges of Oak Creek Canyon, where we found our mouths agape once again. We entered the canyon from the north and were dazzled by the hairpin turns weaving through the orange and golden cliffs. Before reaching the outskirts of Sedona, we pulled over to marvel at the colorful canyon walls and the amazing shadows of the giant cottonwood trees. If a blanket and food were packed, we would’ve found ourselves enjoying the best picnic spot on Earth, but instead chose to drive on. There was so much more on our itinerary to see.

Just 10 more miles, now into the beautiful town of Sedona, we were surrounded once again by unimaginable beauty. As if protecting the city from all sides, towering red rocks splashed with crimson and orange provided contrast to the amazing blue sky. But it was the famed electromagnetic vortexes we were keen to investigate.

Overlook on Yavapai Loop Trail 1- with frames.jpgTo get the best possible vortex experience, we headed the advice of some trusty companions and headed to the rock formation known as Airport Mesa on the easy-to-navigate Yavapai Loop Trail. After a short walk, we discovered the magical rock guardians we came for – and really did feel an out-of-body sense of deep happiness. Perhaps it was the energy from the vortex?

From the cliffs of the Grand Canyon to the vortexes of Sedona, my trip through Arizona was an unforgettable one – and it has inspired me to spread the word that Arizona is a world-class destination that cannot be missed.  

Katrin Steneberg, is a PR manager representing the Arizona Office of Tourism in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She was traveling through the state of Arizona for two weeks in October, together with two AOT representatives from Canada and the UK. Prior to joining the Arizona Office of Tourism, she discovered the world with her husband on a privately organized 12-month trip around the globe.