Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Yuma and was reminded that “Yuma Is Cool” … cool as in “hip, great, super, awesome, or a-okay” … pick your favorite response for when you really love something. 

For starters, it is the sunniest place on earth accordingly to the Guinness Book of World Records and that’s very cool, even when it’s hot! Add relative low humidity and even in the summer, you still have near-perfect weather for living and visiting. 

In Yuma, folks know how to party and everyone is invited … and that’s also cool.  Just take a look at Yuma’s calendar of events and you will find something cool for everyone. From the Toro Loca Challenge mud-filled obstacle race to the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival and Yuma’s Taco Trail, Spirit of Military Appreciation Days and one of the coolest activities -  the Field to Feast Tours …. Plus dozens of others every year…whew! I need to spend more time in Yuma.

Next time in Yuma, you must visit Lute’s Casino – which is actually a historic restaurant serving an awesome (cool) burger  along with a large portion of Yuma’s History … and to cool down there is always the Old Town Yuma Wine Cellar.

Choose from a long list of very cool arts and culture venues: theatre, ballet, jazz, fiddlers, the Yuma orchestra and the historic Yuma Theatre.
The military presence was established in Yuma in 1864 when the U.S. Army opened the Yuma Quartermaster Depot.  A century and a half later, Yuma is home to two major military bases and as a result there is a long and cool list of military places to experience, plus many military events and celebrations.

Yuma Prison- with frames.jpgIf you love history, your visit should include the Yuma Quartermaster Depot (yes, taken from the same original name) State Park located in the Yuma Crossing National Heritage area; many interesting and educational museums and of course, the Yuma Territorial Prison Historical Park.

Back to being absolutely cool, the Yuma area abounds with water activities.  Centered on the Colorado River, today’s Colorado River provides a source of fun and entertainment for everyone who loves the outdoors, with six major lakes and recreation areas on the river to stay wet and cool, restored wetlands, river tours, fishing and river tubing – all designed to keep us cool – literally.  Oh, and don’t forget the national refuges and recreational areas for camping, hunting, wild life watching and birding – another wondrous cool activity . 

When you add dining, the proximity to Mexico, friendly, creative, passionate people .. .. Yuma is way cool!  Check it out for yourself!

Sherry Henry.jpgSherry Henry is the Director of the Arizona Office of Tourism. She can be found exploring unique communities and events all over the state. She is passionate about travel and tourism, and proud to live in the great state of Arizona.