While I've been many times before, this trip was especially cool as I was finally going to experience the unique things to do in Prescott, AZ that I'm embarrassed to say I had not done before.

Courthouse Plaza in Downtown Prescott

Courthouse- with frames.jpgI always love hanging out in Prescott’s Courthouse Plaza. Not only is it beautiful with the historic buildings and the lush landscape you can only find in northern Arizona, it’s always vibrant with all the events and activities constantly taking place around the Courthouse, Whiskey Row and Sharlot Hall Museum.

Our small group was treated to a tour at the recently restored Elk’s Opera House. I love architecture and appreciate the process and the “blood, sweat and tears” that go into taking an old community masterpiece and reviving it to a source of pride for locals and visitors to appreciate. The great stories that come with making an old opera house look new again are incredible and Prescott’s Elk’s Opera House is no exception. It’s a beauty to see.

Hassayampa Inn

We then had dinner at the Hassayampa Inn – a place that has eluded me after all these years as a resident of Arizona. Happy hour was going on when we arrived and the patio was vibrant and busy as the weather was a perfect 70 degrees. We would have taken the tour, but it was Friday and the Inn was sold out. We rode the elevator instead. Not impressed, you say? Well, the elevator alone has a great past, as it is the original from the historic Arizona hotel’s 1927 construction and must be operated manually. If you choose to use the elevator rather than the staircase, you must call for it and a staff member will drop everything to come lower or raise the lift to get you to your desired floor. Hmmm… I imagine myself as a kid who presses every button when they get inside.   Hassayampa Inn- with frames.jpg

Our group then had dinner in the dining room. The hors d’oeuvres were beautiful and plentiful, so when our dinner came we almost fell out of our chairs. Celebratory toasts were made and we celebrated each other’s company and looked out through the dining room’s large picture windows to the amazing view of Prescott. Fantastic.

Watson Lake

The following and final morning in Prescott brought quite a bit of rain, which put a damper, so to speak, on our plans for being one with nature. Our kayak excursion on Watson Lake was cancelled when lightning began to strike over the lake and the mountains. I must admit, as an Arizona resident, I love the rain and whenever it comes, I celebrate. If you have never witnessed a lightning event in the southwest, it is something to behold. Savor it. It is a unique trait that lends to the beauty of a rugged and mystical landscape I call home.

Jennifer Sutcliffe is a Travel Industry Marketing Manager working with the travel trade who send visitors to the state of Arizona from around the world. She lives in and loves Arizona for its climate and year-round, outdoor, casual lifestyle. She loves to explore the state because of its diversity of climate, landscape and character as well as proud of the tried and true icons known around the world.