I am an educator with a passion for science and photography.  I am curious about what I see, and have a desire to capture an image or moment to share with others who may be curious too.  In this way, I see photography as a tool for educating or enlightening others.  I have enjoyed photographing events around the world, but am always drawn back to Arizona's beautiful scenery and diverse culture.

Much of my teaching career was spent at the Thomas J. Pappas schools for the homeless in Phoenix and Tempe.  This is where my interest in photography took off, after the school administrator asked if I would put together a year-end video for a donor and volunteer banquet.  As well as being a regular classroom teacher (grades 4 to 6), I was responsible for my school's photography and video projects, teaching an after-school photography class, and serving on the district’s technology steering committee.

Now that I am no longer teaching, I have been able to focus on becoming a freelance photographer.  My work includes shooting the final space shuttle launch, the Solar Impulse visit to Phoenix and a month-long visit to Abu Dhabi.  While I do not yet consider myself to be a professional photographer, my work has been used by local media outlets, and I was chosen to be a Sony Ambassador featured in a video highlighting one of their cameras.

About the photo: While visiting my sister's family in Gilbert (the Morrison Ranch community) during the last week of December, I noticed the amazing fall colors on the trees.  I went out for a walk, with my camera of course, in the evening.  I hoped to take a photo during what is known as the “golden hour” to give the leaves on the trees a warm glow.  I also wanted to capture the people fishing lakeside with their colorful umbrellas.