While living in Flagstaff , Arizona, I have definitely taken it upon myself to find places to eat that encourage good fun among great friends. My five favorite places to eat in Flagstaff each offer their own inviting and relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food.

Flagstaff Dining Favorites:

1.    Diablo Burger My favorite, the DB House Burger features home-made pesto and an over-easy fried egg. Diablo’s beef is 100% local, served on homemade buns with fresh ingredients. I love to sit on their patio with friends and watch the weekend festivities in Heritage Square while noshing on their rosemary and sea salt fries. Afterward, we like to stop and share a sweet crepe from Old Town Creperie, just a few steps away.

2.     Greek Islands A hidden gem that lies just off of San Francisco Street. Don’t let the plastic lawn chairs and checkerboard tablecloths fool you. The food is delicious! Each pita comes with a side of fries and tzatziki. It’s the best place to grab a late-night bite.

3.    Pato Thai A Thai restaurant that I discovered during a birthday dinner for a friend. The six of us each ordered a different plate and shared them family-style. The large portions made them easy to split. One dish that caught my eye was a vegetable soup that was served in a bowl nestled in hot coals. The yellow curry was wonderful, as well. To say that we each ate entirely too much is an understatement. We left the restaurant content and walked around downtown making sure to top the night off with gelato and fudge from The Sweet Shoppe and Nut House (http://sweetshoppecandy.com/ ).

4.    Mama Burger Flagstaff’s version of In-N-Out Burger. It’s a perfect place to grab a thick and creamy shake and a basket of fries on your way back from hiking all day on Mount Humphreys. (Hint: try dipping the fries into the shake!) The best part of Momma Burger is the spectacular view of the mountain from the panoramic windows lining the dining area.

5.    Fratelli’s Pizza A great place for families and friends. Last week, we took a quick drive up to Flagstaff and were greeted with rain, a welcomed relief from the heat of our Arizona summer. Summers in Flagstaff are beautiful and only get better when the mid-afternoon monsoons hit. My friends and I walked into the newly expanded pizzeria, ordered at the counter, and found one of the last tables open. The three of us split wings and the Great White, a pizza featuring garlic, mozzarella, broccoli, tomato, and Romano and ricotta cheeses! By the time we had finished, the rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy a peaceful walk.

Flagstaff offers its visitors and residents a wide variety of delicious food options no matter your preference. And with incredible scenery year-round, the environment is as tasteful as the food. 

Emily Martin is an Arizona native studying at Northern Arizona University. Her favorite part of school is living in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ and enjoying the eclectic food scene only found in a college mountain town.