As the winner of the Arizona Office of Tourism’s “Pin It 2 Win It” sweepstakes, I received a gift certificate to the Enchantment Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona, I was very excited to begin the journey from Mesa, AZ, and at 6:00 a.m., the drive up was beautiful. My husband accompanied me and we saw hot air balloons in the sky as we drove up Interstate 17 to our destination.

Driving into Sedona, the red mountains took our breath away—and the views driving into the resort also were amazingWhen we arrived, we headed over to the resort’s Mii amo Spa and had breakfast. We indulged in blueberry pancakes with prickly pear cactus syrup, which was excellent! We began to relax and just take in the beauty. Our first spa treatment was a Swedish massage for both of us., and it was almost spiritual for me. My masseuse was Robin and she was just amazing and truly touched my soul as well as my body. We both could feel a special spirituality between us. We hugged when I finished my wonderful hour with her. My husband also enjoyed his massage— even though he was acting like he didn't want to get one all the way up to Sedona. Now he’s saying we need to go for massages Adele_1_FINAL.jpgmore often!

That day we also went into the hot tub to relax and swim in the pool. We checked into our room around 3:00 p.m. and found a beautiful tray of cheeses, meats, nuts, and grapes, accompanied by a bottle of Chardonnay and two wine glasses. What a wonderful surprise!

When we looked out onto our patio, the sight of the Red Rocks was spectacular and we felt so blessed to be able to see such a view from our room.

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. daily to make sure I got to see the sunrise. We also stayed up late at night sitting around the fire pit near the restaurants to enjoy the sunset, and we met some amazing people doing the same thing. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this trip and will remember it forever. Adele_2_FINAL.jpg

One thing I learned while sitting around the fire pit was that the ride, Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World, was fashioned after the mountains Walt Disney had loved when he stayed at his home in Sedona. We are a big Disney family so that was sweet to learn.

On the first full day here, my husband and I ate breakfast at the hotel and then got our hiking shoes on and headed over to hike the Kachina Woman on the Vista Trail near Warrior Mountain. I had read in the brochure of the resort that it is a spiritual place where the Indians believe the first woman was born. It’s known to have a strong vortex and I wanted to see and feel it for myself, and I certainly did!

Adele_3_FINAL.jpgWe had one more day to spend at the resort and this time we decided to get the lymphatic massages, which are said to be good for the immune system. It was wonderful and I enjoyed chatting a bit with Ralpha, my masseuse, who spoke of North Dakota and Indian folklore.

We also had time to drive into Sedona and we went way up high on Airport Road and saw an amazing panoramic view of the landscape. We were also able to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a historical landmark where we sat inside the chapel to quiet our souls and pray.

Our visit to Sedona was a magical and life-changing experience. Heck, getting my husband to want to get massages now is a wonderful thing! The spirituality that I felt there was beyond words. I was told many times I had a wonderful aura, so I searched for it on Google; apparently, it’s a good thing!

After over 40 years of marriage together, we were so lucky to have been given this opportunity to find new passions to look forward to and new things to pursue.

Adele is a resident of Mesa, Arizona who won the Arizona Office of Tourism’s Pin It to Win It Sweepstakes and was given a prize package to the Enchantment Resort valued at $1500.