Nestled in the heart of the Southwest is a rich and vibrant American Indian tribe called the Navajo Nation. The Navajo people live on the largest reservation in North America, which spans across northern Arizona, southeastern Utah and northwestern New Mexico. 

The reservation encompasses more than 27,000 square miles and features whispering canyon walls; towering rock formations; picturesque mountains; pristine lakes and rivers; the earthly scent of cedar, sage and juniper after a light sprinkle of mother rain; fiery sunsets; and refreshing blue skies. Navajoland truly is a place with myriad of awesome scenery and enchanting getaways. It provides visitors with a way to reconnect to nature in an untouched, preserved setting.

However, the true beauty of the Navajo Nation is the Navajo peopleMValley-Hot-Air-Balloon-004.jpg and their unique heritage. The foundation of the Navajo culture is the Navajo language, which was given to the Navajo people by the Creator. Since the beginning of time, the Navajo language was used for Navajo prayers, songs and ceremonies, which are still an integral part of the Navajo way of life. Traditional Navajo teaching says that we are an extension of Mother Earth and so we must respect the plants, herbs, birds, animals and the forces of nature. It is said this is what gives us protection, healing and guidance in our lives.

Whether your passions lie in adventure or tranquility, Navajoland has something for every visitor. We welcome everyone to come and learn more about our rich culture, our way of life and our history by experiencing it firsthand. For more information about our tribal parks or cultural celebrations, contact the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department at (928) 871-6647 or visit:

Roberta John is a Senior Economic Development Specialist at the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department.  Prior to working there, she worked at the Navajo Tourism Department for several years to promote the Navajo Nation. Roberta is a part of the Arizona Office of Tourism's Guest Blogger program.

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