As my truck passed a group of dall sheep, my daughter, nose pressed up to the backseat window, proclaims with enthusiasm, "Daddy, someone bought that one!" (She was referring to a sheep's ear tag!) My wife and I had tears rolling down our cheeks from laughter. This is just one of many fun moments from our trip to Bearizona this past weekend.

If you've never been, Bearizona is a safari-style, drive-thru wildlife park in Williams, Ariz. After entering the park, you are given a talking GPS device that plays fun animal information through your car radio as you make the three-mile drive through the animal preserve. The reminder to “keep your windows rolled-up" is an important one. Along the drive, we encountered bighorn sheep, dall sheep, bison, burros, arctic wolves, gray wolves and black bears. The animals were all easy to see, many of which meander between the cars. It's super cool to see these animals in their natural habitats!

At the end of the drive, there is a walk-through area that allows you to stretch your legs and see baby bear cubs, porcupines, bobcats, javelina, otters and many more creatures. We got there just in time to feed the otters. I loved watching my daughter scoop up the fish without hesitation from a feed bucket and dangle them one-by-one over the railing for the otters.

Bearizona is a great place to see some amazing animals, escape the heat and make some special family memories! Poison ivy, sunburns, humidity, and mosquito bites do not exist in my ideal summer! And this past weekend was just perfect!

Chad Mitchell is the Executive Producer for Beth & Friends on 99.9 KEZ. You can listen to Chad every weekday morning from 5-10 a.m.