I clearly remember the moment I took this photo. Some friends and I were at the Desert Botanical Gardens and had toured all of the gardens, but we visited specifically for the annual butterfly exhibit. If you have not experienced this special event, the Garden sets up a pavilion to house the exhibit with a number of different species of butterflies. Visitors are allowed to enter the pavilion in limited numbers so as not to disturb the inhabitants. The moment the image was captured is memorable because I was drawn to the colorful flowers. As I snapped the shot, I noticed the complementary colors between the butterfly and the flowers and how eye-popping they seemed in person. This photo is also one of my favorites because of the delicate appearance of the flora and fauna together. I love taking pictures when everything comes together in nature, and for an amateur photographer there is no greater moment.

Photography is a passion of mine, and my favorite subject to capture is nature. I take great pleasure in exploring our state and do so at every opportunity. Besides traveling around Arizona shooting images of all the diverse things our state has to offer, I also have a personal blog, National Park Travels, that I am getting ready to launch to the public. This blog features a record of my travels and photography of our national parks and of inspiring people and places. Some of my favorite national monuments are right here in Arizona. Native American history within the Arizona parks has always drawn my interest and there are so many ancient dwellings to visit here.

I call Arizona home because, in my opinion, there is no other state that offers the range of diverse people, nature, history and climate in such close proximity to one another. Because of this variety, Arizona has many types of activities to take part in, from bird watching to snow skiing; there is never a dull moment and always an opportunity to make memories through the eye of a camera.