The search for inner peace and the ability to “check out” and completely disconnect from the daily grind – if even for fleeting moments of the day – is a lifelong ambition of mine. It’s not a concept that comes naturally for Type-A personalities such as myself, so I jumped at the chance to relax when a staggering summer deal was sent to my inbox from one of Arizona’s many luxury spas , Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. By the time I received my appointment confirmation, I could almost smell the chamomile from my office. Detectible glimmers of serenity achieved.

Two weeks later, the day arrived for my service and I was like a toddler on Christmas morning. I was hosting a friend from out of town too, which made our trip to the Willow Stream Spa twice as exciting. As I settled into my cloth robe, cucumber water in hand and pinky in the air for added emphasis, the first few pounds of life seemed to shed themselves from my shoulders. The reviving and blissful massage lifted the rest of the weight. Sixty minutes of heaven later, I emerged a rejuvenated woman.

In my hazy state, I managed to locate a few necessities I’d brought from home – my book, my crossword, my aviator sunglasses – and made my way up the stairs to the rooftop pool. I settled into the lounge chair, and within moments was approached by a staff member dressed in all white. I wasn’t sure if he was an angel, and given his tray full of cold water, prickly pear juice and cool towels, he may very well have been. He offered complimentary sunscreen, and it smelled like coconut and sunshine.

As I dissolved into my chair, I found myself smiling to nobody in particular. It was obvious; I was truly relaxed. No deadlines to meet; no errands to run; no phone calls to return. Temporary as it was, it was a moment of real peace.

WillowStream.Grotto-resized.jpgWe spent the rest of the morning enjoying the pool, and ultimately retiring to this Arizona spa’s facilities. The eucalyptus inhalation room demanded most of my attention, but I made sure to also give the outdoor Grotto and indoor oasis pool a shot as well. I was advised to allow at least one hour to enjoy the spa facility on its own, and it became obvious how sound that advice was. I could have had twice that.

The facility also offered complete services to bring your spa day full circle – private showers, blow dryers, toothbrushes, you name it.

There’s no question we departed as different, more rejuvenated individuals - happy, energized, moisturized and with a slight glow from the Arizona sunshine. Being disconnected from the hustle brought me moments of self-harmony and true balance.

My advice - don’t skip over some of the remarkable spa experiences we offer across the state. If you’re traveling to Arizona this summer, you have the advantage of snatching up some incredible deals. Do you have a favorite spa in Arizona? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook!


WillowStream.Afterglow-resized.JPGRebekah Bell is a 5-year-resident of the Valley of the Sun, she can be found seeking outdoor adventures across the state, sampling locally crafted brews, or exploring quaint Phoenix hideaways. Her search for inner peace and serenity continues.