I am an Arizona resident of 24 years, my whole life. I recently became involved in photography as a hobby. However, within the past few months it's really developed into something else. I drive back and forth from Anthem, AZ to Black Canyon City, AZ. Both are fairly small homegrown towns where communities are close-knit, everyone knows everyone and the scenery is nothing short of indescribable.

I was very fortunate on this day that I captured this photo, it had stormed horribly all day long and I had actually shot footage earlier that ended up on Fox 10 news of a neighbors trash can FLOATING down our road turned to river! But as this storm cell began to move in, I hastily grabbed my Nikon and rushed out back to snap some shots! Clearly it became quite tricky as light was in and out, clouds here literally moving before my naked eye! So capturing this photo was no easy task. An absolutely, undeniably awesome experience here is witnessing storms or monsoons like this one.

Visitors must experience this phenomenon at least once in their lifetime, for it is certain there is nothing quite like it. At my home in Black Canyon City there is a rock outcropping that is across from a ravine that my father and I often witness lightning striking which showers sparks in all directions. I plan to capture this occurrence next! Both communities offer an absorbent amount of available photography, such as the park in Anthem. Waterfalls, big ponds, an electric train and probably the biggest playground you've ever seen reside in the heart of the community. This community has enabled me to launch a very successful photography business evolved from only a side hobby in a matter of months. Definitely a must see on your vacation or time spent here.