While road-trippin’ through Arizona with my colleagues for a photo shoot, we passed through Flagstaff and stumbled upon an attraction called Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. We stopped in to check it out, as we didn’t have to be at our next shoot until the following morning.

We walked in and the friendly guide began filling us in on the various courses and how each color indicates a different skill level, so as you keep going, the course gets more and more difficult. She informed us about the brief 30-minute training session that we would have to attend before getting started on our own. We were all so excited about the opportunity to experience this that we decided to go for it! We all agreed that it would be a great teambuilding experience – venturing through the many obstacles that ranged from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges, zip-lines, and other exhilarating barriers. 

Heather _ Flagstaff Extreme framed.jpgMy co-workers and I got saddled up in our equipment to begin our training and adventure in the trees. In no time we were headed to the first course, which was a piece of cake for us. It was designed to get us comfortable and show us how to move through each element. We then moved onto the next course labeled as blue, which was a little bit more involved. We had to pay attention to exactly what we were doing. There were a lot of balancing acts taking place through this course. Next came the red course and higher up in the trees we went! This course was the most exhilarating when it came to height because we were 60 feet above ground. However, there were times when I couldn’t bear the sight of looking down.

Last was the black course, and we were feeling confident because now we were almost done. We had no idea what was about to transpire. As I went through the first obstacle, my arms began to shake due to the amount of strength I had expended in the previous courses, but I knew I couldn’t give up. We began encouraging each other to power through and cheered each other on to finish strong. We completed all four courses in about three hours and were exhausted by the end, but with a true sense of accomplishment.

We left with sore muscles in search of a place to unwind and refuel. Roger, my boss, recommended a pizza place nearby called Pizza Furiosa - it was extremely delicious. We enjoyed our comfort food with refreshing Moscow Mules to conclude what was a perfect afternoon in Flagstaff. Then we were off to Page to continue our journey capturing the beautiful state of Arizona.

Born and raised in beautiful Arizona, Heather Peterson has lived in the Phoenix metropolitan area for 24 years. She loves living in such a wonderful state, where she can enjoy her favorite interests—hiking, yoga, and playing tennis in the great outdoors.