A recent mission to Schnepf Farms for one of their famous pies had me pulling an immediate Yule filled U-ie in downtown Mesa. Instant holiday spirit struck at the sight of a “sale” advertised among the cute boutiques lining the street.

Inside Adorn Style Lounge off Main Street of Mesa, find a delightful mix of jewelry, jackets, accessories, AND due to the salon located behind the boutique, bumble and bumble hair product.  Admiring several pairs of earrings had me hesitating to flip the mini price tags. Expecting little tags with big numbers, I was ready to restrain myself from indulging in retail therapy. However, Adorn’s prices were as pleasantly surprising as the store itself. So… HO HO HO! No holding back! Call me Santa and earrings for all! Under $10 bucks a pop, each pair looked ten times better than what you would have ever expected for the price.

Contagious and Glitter Box_7a.jpgContagious and Glitter Box the Rack next door offers two boutiques beneath the one store front, which means less run-run- Rudolph between retailers. Glitter Box is full of girly girl gifts galore. I found myself wishing it were appropriate to propose tutu Tuesday so I could don one of theirs to work. No need to avoid price tags since everything is much less expensive than expected at both stores.

Also on main, Domestic Bliss has wall art, candles, jewelry, house wares, bedding, and even unique iphone, ipad and laptop cases. Lots of trendy bobbles, couture baby clothes, aprons, and holiday home accessories for gift giving or happy home making here.

Twisted Sisters Designs_1a.jpgTwisted Sisters, run by three sisters, sells handmade, original pieces of jewelry made from twisted wire, fine silver, copper and homemade glass beads. Twisted Sisters can even craft pieces made from any keepsake from baby spoons, and buttons, to gems, stones and silverware. Imagine making over any one of a kind heirloom into a special piece of jewelry.

If you aren’t on my nice list this year, then make your must-shop-stop main street in Mesa! Happy Holiday shopping!


kara2.jpgKara Woroniec, Media Relations Manager for the Arizona Office of Tourism, hosts Arizona-based press trips, media outreach events, and writes feature press releases.