As a longtime Phoenix resident, I’m often asked, of all the places I could live, why I choose to live here?

My answer: Why wouldn’t I? I found myself living in Arizona by chance and then later by choice – for more reasons than I can count. 

From the moment I moved here with my family from Detroit as an early teen, I have continued to fall in love with Arizona for different reasons, at different stages throughout my life. I like the idea of my daughter’s biggest predicament being what shorts to wear to school that day. I love that I can golf every day of the year if I choose. And, I am continually mesmerized by the sheer beauty of our desert landscapes. 

Yes, Arizona is truly the most livable state, and allow me to tell you why:

Golf as a Daily Ritual

Well, not quite. But I do come close and probably golf around 300 days a year. In fact, I belong to about 11 golf clubs throughout Arizona. They each represent a slightly different experience, but at the end of the day, each one is distinctly Arizona. 

Whether I’m playing by myself, with my buddies or out-of-town guests, golfing here is a one-of-a-kind joy every day.  I’m hard-pressed to think of another location where you can wake up, grab your clubs and hit the greens every morning with scenic views and minimal weather disturbances. 

A Shopper’s Dream

I’ll admit it: my wife and I are shopaholics. Arizona provides tons of opportunities to shop, and we have more malls and shops, it seems, than anywhere else in the world. And it’s not just the sheer number of shopping opportunities available to me here; it’s the quality and diversity too. Arizona’s shopping, in my opinion, rivals other places around the world.

Diverse Road Trip Options

When I want to really relax, I don’t always jet set to another country like some would assume. Instead, I often choose to stay in-state and explore. Some of my favorite places? I like to venture to Cave Creek, Glendale or Carefree to hit the flea markets or yard sales. It may be an unexpected way to spend a weekend, but you can’t beat the simplicity of leisurely exploring the quaint neighborhoods that border Phoenix.  

Tucson is a great road trip from Phoenix and an experience that brings back memories of my early music days. In high school, my band mates and I would drive down to play in different shows. Man, a weekend in Tucson was a pretty big deal for me. Tucson has a different feel than Phoenix, you know, and has an unmistakable sense of personality and place. And who doesn’t love the Arizona Wildcats, one of the top college basketball teams in the nation?

Vacation Feel

Here’s the great thing about Arizona – it’s like one, gigantic resort. When you are here, you always feel like you’re on vacation. I still have this feeling, even after calling Arizona my home for more than 20 years. The great atmosphere provides a sense of warmth that you don’t find in other places in the country. More and more bands are stopping in Arizona through their tours, and I think this is largely due to the fact that musical acts want to spend time here. 

And, I can’t say it enough. The best thing about Arizona is the weather. People in England or other far-away destinations don’t realize the beauty that can be found in our desert, simply because other deserts aren’t as beautiful. Arizona looks like someone went out and landscaped it – it’s that dynamic.

Community Feel

My wife and I are huge movie people. We really support Dan Harkins and all he has done in the Valley for movie entertainment. In addition, we enjoy supporting our local sports teams. We go to a lot of Coyotes games because I love hockey, but watching the Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Suns, and the Arizona Cardinals are also favorite pastimes of mine. 

You can’t beat some of the restaurants around town, and two of my go-to choices are Capital Grille and Tarbell’s. If high-end dining is your thing, there are plenty of choices here. However, we also have a huge selection of casual dining with amazing food. For example, have you tried Cooperstown?

As you can see, I’m passionate about living in Arizona and relish in all that it offers to my family and me. I can’t imagine calling another place home – and wouldn’t ever want to.

Alice Cooper is a rock and roll legend who resides in Phoenix, Ariz.