I am a transplant to Arizona from Ohio, and my family and I moved here early in the summer of 2013 so I could work for Northern Arizona University.  Being a trained storm spotter with the National Weather Service, I have always spent a lot of time watching the skies, and I especially noticed how different the Arizona skies were compared to Ohio's.  This picture was taken as I was walking to my car to head to work one morning in my driveway.  I have a habit of checking out Mount Elden and the San Francisco Peaks each morning as they change in appearance so often with shadows, snow, and clouds.  On this particular morning, the sun was at my back, and the peaks were adorned with brilliant rays which reminded me of the rays on the Arizona flag. I found it so beautiful that I snapped a few photos with my phone before driving to work.  After sharing with some friends and family members they encouraged me to submit it to Arizonguide.com photo contest.   I am so glad others could see this rare and beautiful alignment, one where I was luckily in the right spot at the right time.