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Scottsdale Beat the Heat

June 22
WestWorld of Scottsdale

Hottest Race on Earth to Be Held in Scottsdale in June
Run in the Summer Sun to Coincide With Hottest Day Ever Recorded in Phoenix Metro Area: 122° in 1990
The hottest race on Earth is coming to Arizona.

There are great feats of athletic endurance and achievement worthy of note: marathons, triathlons and runs through mud, cold and up mountains. But there has not been anything like this: a trying dash through the desert heat on what will be one of the hottest days of the year at the hottest time of day. It takes a special kind of athlete to sign on to such a thing so we are asking: Are you tough enough to beat the heat of Scottsdale?

The 11.22-kilometer race, and a shorter 5K race, will take place on June 22, 2013 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, the day after the Summer Solstice, and the Saturday before the hottest day ever recorded in Phoenix. There will be no early morning start to avoid the broiling temps. Nor will this be a race at dusk when the cooler air begins creeping in. No, the gun will go off at 2:47 pm sharp, the time of day in 1990 when thermometers in the Phoenix metropolitan area struck 122 degrees on June 26.

On that day, 22 flights were canceled at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, two-thirds of the city’s bus fleet stopped working and one airline worker reported that the soles of his shoes melted, as did the rubber gloves he was wearing. 

A special challenge like this draws a special brand of athlete. That’s why David Goggins, ultramarathon runner, exceptional athlete and world record holder for most pull-ups (4,025 in 17 hours) was the first person to sign up for Beat the Heat Scottsdale 2013. He will be joined by Tillman Run co-founder and ultra-athlete Perry Edinger.

Registration and the race will begin indoors at the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center at WestWorld of Scottsdale, home of the nationally-renowned Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.   Runners will be outside briefly before traveling through the massive tent that is home to the World’s Most Famous Collector Car Event, Barrett-Jackson.

Racers will then proceed outside on a course routing through WestWorld and around its arenas and barns before entering the pathways, beauty and undulation of the adjacent McDowell Mountain Golf Club, owned in part by legendary Masters and PGA Champion Phil Mickelson. Runners will traverse a combination of hard-packed dirt, asphalt, off-road and concrete paths, golf cart paths and grass. Runners will then return to WestWorld before finishing amidst the sprinklers and chute slides on the Polo Field, home of the Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses+Horsepower, which is America’s largest polo event.

To recognize the hottest day on record, the entry fee for the inaugural year will be $62.60 per person.  A VIP package is available for $122. Interested runners may register now at

The prize money for the Scottsdale Beat the Heat is also steeped in symbolism. It will be available for the Top 10 finishers, as follows:

First Prize:             $1990:  To celebrate the year of the hottest day of recorded in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The winner will also receive a two-night all-inclusive stay valued at $1,200 at Hidden Meadow Ranch, the premier luxury guest ranch in eastern Arizona’s White Mountains. There’s no better place to cool down.
Second Prize:         $1957:  The year Scottsdale became a city.
Third Prize:            $1949: The year Olympic champion Bruce Jenner was born.
Fourth Prize:         $826: To recognize the date world record for 10K was set in 2005.
Fifth Prize:             $700: The average number of calories burned during a 10K, though our runners will burn
                             many more on June 22nd.
Sixth Prize:            $626: In recognition of the date of hottest temperature recorded in Phoenix.
Seventh Prize:        $143:  The greatest number of 100°F+ days recorded in Phoenix (1989).
Eighth Prize:         $122: Highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix.
Ninth Prize:           $121: 2nd highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix.
Tenth Prize:           $92: Average number of 100°F+ days in Phoenix.

Great precautions will be taken for the Scottsdale Beat the Heat. Runners will be strongly encouraged to visit with a doctor before registering, even seeking their permission. Due to the heat, hydration stations will be provided every half-mile as opposed to every two miles as is typical in a 10K race. And Professional Medical Transport (PMT), Scottsdale’s medical transportation provider, is the event’s title sponsor.  They will have multiple ambulances, paramedics and other safety personnel onsite. Coors Light, Powerade and Sole Sports will be presenting sponsors.

Family, friends and fans will be welcome along the race route and deserved celebration will take place at the finish line on the WestWorld of Scottsdale Polo Field, home of America’s largest polo event: The Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses & Horsepower ( Tents, restrooms, a bar, refreshments will be on hand, as will DJ Peabody. And for the kids, the world’s largest inflatable waterslide!         

The event is organized by the owners and producers of The Scottsdale Polo Championships:  Horses & Horsepower, the largest polo event in the United States ( Event operations will be managed by Raceplace Event Systems, the most experienced organizer of running events in Arizona. Edinger is also serving as a race consultant.

To register for the event, please do so at

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16601 N. Pima
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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